19th May 2016

Welcome to Project360

The act of building should be something that we revel in, be proud of and be excited about. It can often be a mind-field of plans, design briefs, codes and rules that make your once finely drawn out dream, a daunting process to manage.

At Project360 we take a unique approach in the way we run our construction projects. We believe in the importance of working as a team from day one. We also believe in the importance of having built a relationship with our team members on past projects.

Like any team you need to work with individuals whom you have past experiences or let’s say ‘training camps’ with. Would the All Blacks pick a team of random individuals who have no knowledge of each other, no idea how their man to the left or right plays then two weeks before say ‘bring home the world cup lads!’… No I didn’t think so.

Project360 have forged relationships with key players in the construction industry including architects, engineers, builders, sub-contractors and all involved in successfully completing these projects. We all know how each other works and we all know each other’s expectations. No matter the build we can put together a team which suits your individuality, whether it’s a residential or commercial development.

Project360 specialises in high end residential homes and unique commercial builds. By unique we mean ground breaking. We have a passion for energy efficient buildings and are always seeking new technologies to make our buildings warmer, more comfortable and cost effective to run. Once again we searched for architects who excel in these design techniques, formed a partnership with them and now have their skills available to us. This is how it works with all our ‘preferred’ partners.

Although we specialise in these areas, we can also offer advice and budgeting to projects of any size. A key step in anyone’s journey is to know from an early stage how much their development is going to cost. By meeting with us and discussing the project, let us put some numbers to these areas so that you can feel confident that you are on the right track before travelling too far down the path.

How about before we even get to this stage you contact us for a free consultation to meet you onsite to look at your project before the earth is even turned over. Let’s have an in-depth discussion as to what your needs are and then we can discuss the best way for you to realise your dream. A streamlined, cohesive plan, where everyone involved is clear about the path, the build, and the budget.

This blog (and the following blogs) are intended to fill you with inspiration and understanding. What processes are involved, the complex world of building trends, do’s and do not’s and a look at some unique projects we’ve been involved with from beginning to end.

We’d also like to share our journey with you on our website and social media.

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We invite you to invite us to become part of your building journey.

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