22nd June 2016

One Stop Shop

It’s often said the most important consideration when planning a residential or commercial development is the “team” behind it. The people responsible for taking a successful project across the finish line.

This reliance on a cohesive team is why Project360 created the “Preferred Partner” programme, an industry-first initiative connecting clients with qualified professionals who understand the challenges of delivering a well-executed project in a timely manner and on budget.

Our preferred partners include leading architects, skilled engineers and building contractors selected on their quality of work and performance. Each partner aligns seamlessly with Project360, complementing the services we offer; project management, quantity surveying, value engineering, and the most recent additions to our arsenal, planning and resource management. We will soon be adding landscape and interior designers.

In assisting clients with putting together the right team, they can be confident the professionals we recommend have the knowledge and skills to execute a quality project. Our clients can also be assured that we have worked with these people, they know how we like to work, and they don’t underestimate the value of teamwork.

Ultimately the decision is with the client. We are happy to suggest preferred partners that suit the project, or approach other organisations the client is interested in speaking with.

It’s fair to say, Project360 is a “one stop shop”.

To learn more about Project360 visit www.project360.nz or contact us for more information at enquiries@project360.nz or (+64) (3) 441 4973.

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