13th June 2016


When planning a new home or commercial development the first step is establishing a realistic budget. The amount of money you’re willing or able to commit to the project. With the advent of online resources such as design magazines, product reviews, and an array of interactive tools to inspire ideas (and spending), too often the resulting wish-list amounts to champagne wishes and caviar dreams. Either the cost is well beyond budget, or it will be before the project's completed. 

At Project360 we work with clients to establish a “preliminary estimate” (preferably at the “concept stage”) that’s within budget, without compromising the desired end-result. Design ideas, materials, fittings and fixtures are factored into the project’s cost. As importantly we align professionals including architects, engineers, and building contractors whose services fit within the client’s budget.

Establishing a preliminary estimate is critical for guiding the architect and other professionals during both the concept and developed design phases. We work closely with these parties adding and removing items, if required, comparing materials and administering changes always with a dollar figure in mind.

But remember, planning any new development is not an exact science. At this early stage there remain unknowns with decisions to make as the project unfolds. However, translating a realistic budget to a well-conceived and professionally managed preliminary estimate will likely be the difference between realising your vision, and paying far more than you needed to.

To learn more about Project360 visit www.project360.nz or contact us for more information at enquiries@project360.nz or (+64) (3) 441 4973.

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