09th September 2016

3. Duffy/Allpress Residence - Staging Process

In this third Duffy/Allpress blog we update progress and discuss the implementation of a staging process to streamline the construction of this extensive residential development.

To recap, the Duffy/Allpress residence, situated at the acclaimed Millbrook Resort, Queenstown, is a 850m2 (9,200 sqft) luxury home. The site is located adjacent Millbrook’s Coronet Nine 9th Hole, formerly a vast swamp land. 

Due to the size and complexity of this project, the build has been split into 4 stages (refer image) or zones. With the basement completed and topping slab in place, the decision was made for Summerhill Construction to begin construction at the site's north-east zone. The subsequent zones are then built-out in sequence.

Staging requires planning and coordination. BMT the earthworks contractor excavates the foundations and prepares the slab area; Summerhill Construction sets the forms and steel, lays the mesh, pours in situ concrete and prepares for NJ Blocklaying to install the structural concrete blockwork.

With these elements in place, and electrical and plumbing accounted for, steel portals or beams are set. Summerhill Construction then take the reins, securing timber battens to walls, completing structural work and roofing, before introducing sub-contractors to undertake more general tasks.

When the first zone is completed, the team moves on to the second stage. Rinse and repeat. 

This method sounds easy in context but to execute multiple stages in sequence it’s imperative the contractors are aligned and work together in-synch. Selecting the right team on day one, including effective project management, is critical to a successful outcome.


Duffy/Allpress Residence

Owners: Paul Duffy and Loren Allpress

Builder: Summerhill Construction

Architect: Michael Wyatt Architects

Engineer: Holmes Consultants

Concrete Masonry: NJ Blocklaying

Earthworks: BMT

Staged Plan B3 img1 B3 img2